The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis offers a broad range of training courses designed to give you the skills required to assist your clients in overcoming their panic or anxiety issues, quit smoking, lose weight, deal with chronic pain and many more. 

In addition, the courses contain modules and support aimed at getting you up and running in a business sense. Helping you find clients, marketing your business, bookkeeping, and more. So even if you’ve never run a business before, these courses can help you get started and be on your way to building a successful hypnotherapy business.

Our programs include all the necessary resources, marketing materials, comprehensive face to face training and ongoing support. 

In fact, as part of the package you receive a full 12 months of support and mentoring after the face-to-face workshops.

Fastrack Hypnotherapy Certification


This Hypnotherapy Certification Course is a training which has been developed to qualify our graduates and equip them with all the skills needed to very quickly and successfully commence a highly rewarding career.

This course also include our Advanced Trainings: Quit Smoking and Weight Loss


Advanced Quit Smoking Program


This training is a complete package complete with marketing materials, scripts, specialist certification, follow up support structures, all forms and documents and so much more.  It is a complete system that has everything included - for the therapist and the client. 


Advanced Medical Hypnosis Program


Medical Problems that can be positively impacted through Hypnotherapy

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetes, Auto-immune diseases, Chronic Pain, Fertility Problems, Heart Disease, Cancer - and the list goes on.

The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis runs specialised courses in various aspects of Medical Hypnosis.


Advanced Weight Loss Program


Our complete, personalised advanced hypnosis system allows people to "rewire the brain" to break old habits and replace them with new healthy habits. It removes any of the reasons they might fail.....before they even happen.  It works with the mind as well as your body. It is a completely integrated system. 



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Building a successful business in this high-demand area can enable you to get out of the 9-5 grind, be your own boss and work your own flexible hours. 

To book, or to ask any questions or concerns you, call or email The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis today. We are there to help.

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