3 Tips to Maintain a Profitable Hypnotherapy Practice

Want to help people improve their lives AND generate a fabulous income at the same time?

People in the caring professions are often inclined to give as much as they can to others whilst ‘going without’ themselves.  But there has to be a balance of giving and receiving. If you’re not making enough money to pay for your bills, how can you possibly manage to provide the level of service your clients need?  When you make more money, you are given the opportunity to improve your own life, improve the lives of others and contribute more to the world.

This is a WIN, WIN, WIN scenario.  It’s a win for you, the Hypnotherapist, as you improve your own life and create balance and success.  It’s a win for your clients as you shift them into a better life free of addictions, anxiety and other life changing issues.  It’s a win for the wider community and the planet as people become better, calmer, happier versions of themselves and have a positive impact on so many others.   

Far too often, hypnotherapists who are just starting out in the industry find themselves struggling to make enough money.  

This is because they are focused on only the service side of things (hypnotherapy) and not the overall business. Whilst we provide business training to our own hypnotherapy students, at AOTH we also believe in sharing our message. There are plenty of clients to go around, as hypnotherapy is in extremely high demand.

So here are 3 tips to maintaining a highly profitable hypnotherapy practice:

#1. Increase client retention

Basically, you want each client you have to stay for as long as possible. And no, this doesn’t mean giving them a poor quality treatment that requires more sessions to see results. 

In fact, the one factor that affects your client retention the most is the quality you provide. Give your client the best experience possible and they’ll want to come back for other services.  For example, when someone has a fabulous result after a weight loss session, they may want to come back for stress reduction or other issues.  They will want to keep coming back to you until they no longer need a hypnotherapist. Always share information with them on the other services you provide.

But the quality that you provide isn’t limited to your hypnotherapy skills. Here are some ways to improve your quality of service:

  • Customer service. Build rapport, be fun, and responsive. Make the experience pleasurable and easy. Your client should enjoy working with you and feel good about themselves. 

  • Deliver bonus value. Instead of keeping your secrets locked up, give your client a bonus tip or trick to take home with them. For example, this could be an extra strategy to practice managing their anxiety in their own time. 

  • Make it easy. The more easy and enjoyable something is, the more likely a person will continue doing it. Each client will have their own different definition of these things. For example, some clients will want someone who can listen, others will want to be provided with all the nitty-gritty details of hypnotherapy, and others might even want things to be as minimal as possible (no chit-chat).

#2. Turn one client into two or more

There are several ways you can turn each client you have into two or more clients. 

One way is to ask for referrals. We all have someone we know who is going through stress, anxiety, or even depression. Maybe they need help losing weight, quitting smoking, or an array of other issues.  Always ask in a way that is comfortable and natural.  “I would love be able to help anyone who you feel would benefit from this.  Here is a brochure with some information about the issues I can help with. You may like to hand it on to a friend or family member.”   

By asking for a referral, you get an extra chance to acquire a new client for absolutely no cost. And best of all, referrals are much more likely to turn into real paying clients than a stranger you advertised to on the internet. Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising.

#3. Always look for new business

Once you have a decent number of clients, it’s too easy to stop looking for more as you get absorbed in the actual providing of hypnotherapy services.

This is the wrong way to go about things.

It’s important to constantly increase your profile, promote your business and market your services, even when you have become busy and successful. Otherwise, if you hit a quiet patch you may experience financial difficulties and become desperate for new clients (and desperation turns prospects away!).

So always invest some of your resources into gaining new clients. This could be a few hours a week reaching out or asking for referrals, having your brochures or some signage displayed in prominent places. Or it could be $5 a day on a Google or Facebook Ad running all year.

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