3 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Up Your Own Practice

Are you a newly certified hypnotherapist and want to start your own practice?

You’re ready to become known to your community, start spreading the word, and establish yourself as the go-to hypnotherapy practice in your area.

But before you get started, there are mistakes that every first timer makes. Avoid these and you’ll be starting one step ahead.

#1. Not personalising your treatments

You have to understand that your job involves working with people.

This means you need to become comfortable communicating with them and developing personal connections with your clients.

Every individual has their own history and experiences. These have moulded their lives profoundly and affects the way they respond to specific treatments. To deliver the best results for them, you need to understand them at a deep level and personalise your treatments accordingly.


#2. Not choosing a niche

It is also important to choose a specific niche at the very start. From there, you will decide who your ideal clientele will be.

For example, you could focus on weight loss hypnosis or quit smoking hypnosis. We offer both of these to our students at the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis.

By selecting a niche it will be easier to become well known for that treatment in your area. You’ll also be able to develop your skills in that form of hypnosis and bring astounding results to your clients.

Don’t worry, you can expand to other areas afterwards.

Start with a definite focus.


#3. Relying on word of mouth only

People take pride in being dependent on word of mouth.

The fact is, that’s not a good thing. If you’re solely relying on others and have no way to get clients on your own accord – you don’t have a sustainable business.

People will not know about you unless you market your practice. This could be through paid advertisements, flyers, events, Facebook, and so much more. The important thing is to attract the right type of people who you want to be your clients.

Quick tips:

-        Offer to talk about hypnotherapy at charities, special interest groups and local organisations and events.

-        Make sure you have a strong web presence and that your brand is reproduced on business cards and advertising collateral.

-        Make yourself known to healthcare professionals in your community.



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