About the Advanced Quit Smoking Program

Want to learn how to use hypnotherapy to help others quit smoking?

Smoking is a heavily ingrained habit, a cycle that must be broken otherwise life-threatening consequences may be faced. But this is easier said than done, as the addiction is difficult to consciously avoid. 

But with hypnotherapy, you can attack this addiction to smoking at a subconscious level and help people quit for good.

On top of utilising the subconscious, you will be able to find and manage the underlying triggers that perpetuate the habit of smoking with hypnotherapy.

While you can find a decent hypnotherapy course online, at our Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis (AOTH), we suggest participating in face-to-face courses. By working directly with an expert, you can pick up on the nuances that make the difference between an average hypnotherapists and a great one. This is also the difference that reflects in your bank account and in the lives of the clients you work with.

Why Choose Us

Looking for the best hypnotherapy training to help others stop smoking, lose weight, and achieve a better life?

At the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, our quit smoking course is one of the most advanced, comprehensive and up to date training of its kind. 

We have specifically designed this course to teach practitioners to identify the triggers that cause a client to light up, so that the root cause of the habit can be treated, rather than surface level treatment that only lasts short-term.

Most people who smoke know the risks and would like to quit but they just don’t know how. 

Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested method of assisting people to rid themselves of this unhealthy habit. 

The best way to learn how to hypnotise people out of smoking habits is to first learn the intricacies of hypnotherapy. This is a distinct practise with its own principles, processes and body of knowledge that must be learned, and the best way to do this is to undertake a professional course, such as the ones we offer at the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis.

Looking for the best way to start up a hypnotherapy business?

This advanced quit smoking program will not only teach you the principles of quit smoking hypnosis strategies, but we also teach you how to set up, market and run a successful hypnotherapy business providing this service to others.

Additionally, at the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, we distinguish ourselves through our ‘small group’ methodology, which allows our instructors to give more individualised attention to you across the course of your training.

Your course includes:

✓ Fully accredited and internationally-recognised training

✓ Hypnotherapy business training for fast-tracked results

✓ Secret strategy for designing life-changing personalised hypnosis sessions

✓ Ongoing support from our team so you’re not thrown into the deep end

✓ BONUS: Hypnotherapy scripts to treat the most common client issues

✓ BONUS: Marketing materials to get your first few clients FAST

Ready to take part in the most advanced quit smoking hypnosis program and start running your own hypnotherapy business? Click the link below to secure your spot in our course.

Hypnotherapy Certification

Become a certified hypnotherapist and learn how to set-up your own business to become your own boss.

Advanced: Weight Loss

Learn how to utilise hypnotherapy to help your clients lose weight. They’ll be able to see results in as little as one session.

Advanced: Medical Hypnosis

Learn how to use medical hypnosis to treat a range of ailments including diabetes, IBS, chronic pain, and more.

Course Information

At the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, we run several courses every year designed to teach you how to assist your clients in breaking smoking habits and lead healthier lives. 

We also train you in how to set up your own business in the hypnotherapy field and start earning a living.

Our Advanced Quit Smoking program costs $3995.00, and we also offer a wide range of other courses for your needs.

Ready to start learning hypnotherapy? Get in touch with us to find the course for you.

What Will I Learn?

You will be taken through a user-friendly step by step program which will instruct you in how to professionally assist people to quit smoking through hypnotherapy. 

In addition to learning how to treat smoking addiction, you’ll also learn how to set up and run your own hypnotherapy business.

This includes:

✓ Learn how to spring clients into a healthy lifestyle without torturous cravings or withdrawal symptoms

✓ Discover the secret to freeing people from this habit in just one session

✓ The Secret strategy to designing life-changing personalised hypnosis sessions

✓ Ongoing support from our team so you’re not thrown into the deep end

✓ BONUS: Hypnotherapy scripts to treat the most common client issues

✓ BONUS: Marketing materials to get your first few clients FAST

In addition to this quit smoking hypnotherapy course, we offer a wide variety of advanced courses. The training we provide even goes all the way up to advanced medical hypnosis. 

Ready to get started? Click the link below.

Career Options

Our students have taken the leap from the daily 9-5 grind to the freedom and purpose of running their own hypnotherapy business.

And even if you don’t want to start your own hypnotherapy business, you can use the knowledge gained to develop your professional career within another company.

You’ll also be able to enhance your own performance at work, home, and everywhere in life.

Speak to our friendly team members at AOTH to find out how you can transform your life by participating in our hypnotherapy courses.

After doing the Fastrack Hypnotherapy Certification training I felt confident in my ability to work with clients and started my own practice immediately. This course made it so easy. With t he techniques I learnt I had complete certainty that I would achieve great results and I was right. This training taught me everything that I needed to know to start my new career quickly and successfully.
— John Birch - W.A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is quit smoking hypnotherapy training? 

The AOTH’s advanced quit smoking specialist training is $3995.00.

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