Our Vision

To provide world class training that exceeds all expectations.  

To create success and positive life changes for our clients and students by shifting and removing limiting patterns and instilling a mindset of success.

Our Purpose

To help people attain complete alignment between their thoughts, their goals and their actions.  To empower everyone we work with to achieve the highest possible positive outcome for their individual empowerment.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the power of hypnosis with our clients and our students in a skilful and professional manner. 

We are committed to working with clients and students to help them achieve their desired outcomes easily and effortlessly by removing personal obstacles through the natural yet powerful practice of hypnotherapy and NLP.

The outcomes that can be achieved through hypnosis are many and varied.  They include personal, professional, emotional and health benefits at extraordinary levels. Everything we offer is designed to help others to accelerate positive life changes at a personal and professional level.  We do this by developing an individualised approach to help others create a rich, balanced and fulfilling life. 

We are a small team of dedicated people who pledge to always deliver on our promises.  We work together in a spirit of harmony, integrity, excellence and efficiency to ensure that our every person we work with will be delighted with our ability to propel them forward on their personal journey toward health, happiness and professional excellence. Our commitment is to assist our clients, students and graduates to reach amazing levels of success whilst experiencing calmness and confidence in themselves and their own abilities.  

Our goal is to be the premier source of hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy training in the world.

Points of Culture

  1. As a team we are committed to our vision, mission and goals. We deliver what we promise and always act with honesty and integrity.
  2. We believe in what we do so everything we deliver is always of exceptional quality.  We always work toward constant quality improvement and search for new and innovative ways to improve the lives of ourselves and others.
  3. Communication with clients, other team members and other professionals will always be positive and empowering.  Any conflict will be handled in an open and positive manner, encouraging the best possible outcomes for all involved.
  4. Confidentiality between:- client and practitioner / student and teacher /  graduate and mentor - is considered to be of the utmost importance at all times.
  5. We always strive to learn more so that we can provide amazing results for ourselves and our clients.  We always offer the best, most effective trainings, therapies and solutions available and therefore achieve the best results.
  6. We encourage a balanced lifestyle which encompasses all aspects of living a healthy, positive life.  Personal success means having a healthy balance in life.
  7. In all areas of life, in or out of the work environment, an attitude of integrity and fun will enhance enjoyment and appreciation for everyone.  Our clients will get more value because their sessions and training will not only be effective and powerful, they will also be relaxing and enjoyable.
  8. Our systems will be designed to provide and continually improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  9. We will always be consistent in the services we provide, in the way we interact with others and this will be evident in the high quality of everything we offer to our team, our students, our graduates and our clients.
  10. We are truly appreciative of each other, every member of our team as well as all of our clients, students and graduates.  We are grateful for the opportunity to help others to improve and enhance their lives through the methods that we have studied and developed.  We truly celebrate our achievements and those of our clients.
  11. We have an attitude of abundance for all.  We allow abundance in all areas of our lives and strive to empower our clients, students and graduates to create abundance in all areas of their own lives.
  12. We strive to be the best in everything we do, unequalled by any other hypnotherapy service in the world.