Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis?

Our Academy provides internationally-recognised and world-class training provided by highly professional trainers. Our courses our hands-on, easy to understand and make for career-ready graduates. We offer training across Australia and New Zealand, including in regional areas, and continue to provide support to graduates after the completion of their training.

How does hypnotherapy work? Is it safe?

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and non-invasive method for helping individuals to overcome problems and make positive changes to their lives.

Hypnotherapy works by guiding clients through powerful meditative states where they can focus their attention on eradicating unhealthy ways of thinking and take on new suggestions for employing positive mental energy.

Is hypnotherapy mind control?

No, unlike the popular images of hypnotherapy in magic shows and Hollywood films, hypnotherapists cannot control your actions or make you believe things against your will.

Does hypnotherapy work?

As with any form of treatment, the experience of hypnotherapy varies from person to person. If, however, the client and practitioner form a bond of trust and cooperation and the hypnotherapy is delivered with skill and expertise, the results can be extraordinary.

For example, our Quit Cigarettes program has a success rate of 96.7%. This is because we use a proven, easy-to-follow system that can be easily tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. Through a complete focus on the individual’s unconscious triggers, habits and tendencies, hypnotherapy can provide real relief from the struggle of smoking addiction. The system we teach is easily implemented by our graduates.

Do I need previous training to become a hypnotherapist?

No, we welcome students from all professional backgrounds to join our certification program. Our small classes mean that our trainers can tailor the learning modules to your prior knowledge and experience, if needed.

I’m already a qualified hypnotherapist. Do you offer further training?

Yes, we offer opportunities for hypnotherapy professionals to improve and expand their skill set. Contact our team to discuss your specific needs.

What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

NLP explores the relationship between how we think, how we communicate and our patterns of emotion and behaviour. By studying these relationships, we can successfully transform old unwanted behaviour patterns to create new levels of success and accomplishment.  NLP provides us with greater levels of understanding about ourselves and others.